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  • HMC Connections

    HMC Connections provides business services that support the community to work with newcomers effectively. Our prices are very competitive and we offer:

    HMC Connections has been providing services to the community of Halton for the past 35 years. We recognize the need for culturally and linguistically inclusive services and we provide a professional, high quality, certified interpreters and translators.

    Connections offers expert interpretation and translation in more than 60 languages and dialects. Our multilingual team of professionals can deliver excellent and competitively priced Interpretation and Translation Services.

    To attract and maintain our volume of interpreters, HMC Connections delivers the CILISAT certification for interpreters as well as the online Core Interpreter Training Course. We have the policies and training in place to ensure your interpretation is carried out accurately and with the highest sensitivity to confidentiality.

    We also provide training to increase your capacity to deal with other cultures. Please see our training page for the most recent opportunities.